Richard Wilson/Space Between the Landing and the Gallery

A site-specific sculpture realised through a combination of digital technologies.

blokbuild began by 3D scanning the gallery environment to capture the point cloud data needed to generate a precise digital model of the space. From here, Richard selected a slice of the ‘space between’ the hallway and staircase leading to the gallery’s main entrance.

Inverted and reverse-engineered to create a ‘solid void’, this digital form was converted into CNC output data for a series of connecting sections, each consisting of a structural ply core with high grade 3mm birch ply cladding.

Ease and accuracy of assembly was ensured through the inclusion of CNC routed labels on every component. Once assembled, the sculpture was finely sanded and waxed to a high level of finish before being carefully packed and shipped to the gallery. On-site, individual sections were craned into the place before being fixed together swiftly and safely in situ.

Client: Richard Wilson

Location: Annaly Juda Gallery, London

Process: 3D scanning, 3D drawing and digital imaging, CNC machining, fine assembly and installation