March House/ Knox Bhavan Architects

“A prefabricated, timber frame, stilt house, hovering above the flood plain with a beautifully planted garden, on the banks of the River Thames.”

The unique challenges of this atypical bespoke home inspired innovation and carbon reduction strategies.

Because our system is infinitely customisable, early collaboration with architects and engineers empowers us creatively, adding value in sustainability and efficiency. For March House, we identified that enlarging our floor cassettes would demand fewer steel supporting beams. And upping the load-bearing capacity of our roof cassettes enabled the incorporation of a green roof. Both adaptations significantly lowered the embodied carbon of the building.

The techniques and customisations developed on March House fed into our continually evolving and expanding system. Every commission, whether it’s a private home or large-scale development, reaps the collective benefit of past proven innovations.

Architect: Knox Bhavan Architects

Location: Marlow, Sussex

Engineer: Price&Myers

Process: Design development, DfMA optimisation and system application. Off-site manufacture, on-site assembly.

Photo credit: Edmund Sumner