Hydraulic Workstation/ Knox Bhavan Architects

A multi-user workstation that combines precision CNC machining with smooth hydraulics.

Starting with KBA’s working drawings for a ‘lifting’ desk, blokbuild provided consultation on design for manufacture, problem solving and prototyping through production, full fabrication and final installation.

The result is an 8m long multi-user workstation, engineered to enable many possible configurations. Each desktop houses two separate surfaces controlled smoothly from a gas-lift foot pedal, giving users the option of  sitting or standing to work, and to raise screen height accordingly. Wiring for monitors runs within the legs, whilst an extra surface can be pulled out to give each desk an L-shape, perfect for displaying drawings.

Fine precision CNC machining was employed to preserve the natural beauty of the 4mm baked oak veneer that sits atop the workstations birch-ply core, painstakingly matching the wood grain across the whole surface length.

Client: Knox Bhavan Architects

Location: London

Design: Knox Bhavan Architects

Process: Consultation, prototyping, fabrication and installation