The Artist Bothy / Bothy Stores

A pioneering piece of low-impact architecture designed to enhance the experience of spending time in nature all year round.

The Artist Bothy from Bothy Stores is an evolution of the Bothy Project network of off-grid artist residency spaces. Designed by the project’s founders, artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod, it was developed in response to demand for a multipurpose self-contained cabin that can be located anywhere.

We worked closely with Bobby to adapt our timber cassette technology, developed in offsite architecture fabrication projects such as March House, White Wall and The Fold, to create a compact, multipurpose cabin that can be installed on almost any site to provide a comfortable and sustainable private retreat.

Available as both a fully prefabricated structure or a flat-pack ‘kit of parts’, the Artist Bothy can be assembled and made water-tight in a single day, reducing construction time on site to minimise impact on the landscape and the risk of weather disruption.

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Client: Bobby Niven / BothyStores

Location: Varied

Engineer: Price&Myers

Process: In-depth collaboration, Prototyping, Product Development and Systemisation. Design and digital drawings services, DfMA and fabrication optimisation , CNC Machining, off-site assembly.