St Chad’s Pavilion

Making construction accessible through hands-on learning and community engagement

After their previous pavilion fell into disrepair, St Chad’s Cricket Club and Leeds School of Architecture approached BlokBuild to develop a new community center that could be built collaboratively. 

Students and cricket club members attended workshops at the BlokBuild factory to gain an understanding of the digital design process and experience assembling the insulated timber cassettes. On-site, the same groups then constructed the building in a supervised learning approach with our site team. 

St Chad’s Pavilion demonstrates how digitally manufactured building systems can make construction accessible to communities, as well as creating a hands-on learning framework for architecture students to understand the journey from the digital environment to the built environment. 

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Architect: HOT architecture

Main Contractor: BlokBuild

Engineer: Price&Myers

Collaborators: St Chad’s Cricket Club / Leeds School of Architecture

Location: Leeds

Completion: 2023

Process: Community engagement, system implementation, off-site manufacture and on-site assembly. 

Photography: Luke Hallett /Glenn Boulton