The Little Big House

“A low lying timber clad house designed specifically to cater for the needs of its inspiring paralysed owner who is an author, mouth painter and public speaker.”

Every project presents different challenges. We embrace them to innovate, develop, customise, and learn. Our knowledge base expands, our processes streamline, and our system capabilities grow.  

For this two-storey, timber-clad house, special requirements included wheelchair access, an internal lift, and live-in care accommodation. Early engagement with the architect and engineers allowed us to develop efficient, creative solutions for each necessity. 

Through rapid prototyping, development and testing, we were able to integrate ongoing R&D with engineers Price&Myers to create a roof system capable of achieving clear spans of 7 metres.

Like March House, this site had a rural, single-track location. Both projects perfectly demonstrate how modular, off-site manufacture results in easier site access and lower environmental impact, without constraining the design.

In our second build with Knox Bhavan Architects, collaboration played a crucial role in delivering a successful project. We believe that the rapport and understanding developed in long-term partnerships brings invaluable advantages to the working experience. 

Architect: Knox Bhavan

Location: Hertfordshire

Engineer: Price&Myers

Process: Design development, DfMA optimisation and system application. Off-site manufacture, on-site assembly.