Lygia Clark / Fantastic Architecture

A large scale steel sculpture, digitally designed and fabricated using laser cutting technology.

Working with The Lygia Clark Estate and Alison Jacques Gallery, London, blokbuild harnessed advances in digital fabrication techniques to realise Lygia’s plans for Fantastic Architecture on a scale not possible in her lifetime.

Starting from archive photographs, plans and drawings, we translated the artist’s vision into a digital model and related set of drawings for digital fabrication. A sheet timber CNC prototype was first produced to test the multi-configuration geometry on a large scale, enabling us to then generate a full fabrication template for digital laser-cut steel.

Weighing around fifteen tons when installed, the steel sculpture can be reconfigured in many ways, creating an immersive structure that celebrates the artist’s original vision.

Fantastic Architecture was first installed as part of Art Basel, Switzerland in 2013, later moving to The Henry Moore Art Foundation in Perry Green, UK.

Client: Alison Jacques, Gallery/Estate of Lygia Clark

Location: Art Basel, Switzerland/Henry Moore Art Foundation, Perry Green, UK

Engineer: Price&Myers

Process: CNC prototyping, laser cutting